E3 and Future Dev

Having the opportunity to share our work E3 2017 as part of the IndieCade Showcase was an absolute honor. It was an incredibly inspiring experience, and we would like to thank Nina, Johnny, and everyone at IndieCade for being such gracious and supportive people for all of us indie developers. Everyone else who was part of the showcase had such amazing works to show, and we still are in a bit of disbelief that we were able to be part of it. We would also like to thank everyone who stopped by and checked out our game. It's an amazing feeling to see people engage with your work.

Now that E3 has ended and we've gotten a bit of sleep, we are diving right back into development. First on the list is to finalize O for Oppression. There are a few minor bugs we are working out, but the full version should be finished within the next week or two. We will first be releasing it on itch.io, and then move towards a Steam, and eventually a possible console release after that. We're really excited to be able to share the finished version with you.

We are also going to release a vision-impaired version, which will allow gamers with little to no vision enjoy our game as well. We think that there aren't nearly enough games that cater to this, so hopefully it will serve as something important to some folks out there.

In future development, we are nearing production on our new title, which is currently titled Dark Forest. The name will change for sure, but we're wanting to explore more exploration/discovery elements and dive into some hackery elements with this one. We'll have some more updates on that title in the near future.

Lastly, we have a CGA platformer that is roughly 80% finished, which we will be sharing on itch.io in the next month. It features animations and artwork by Xiya Lan, programming and design by Skylar, and sound/music by me.

Thanks for reading this really lost blog if you made it this far.



New website, and pretty much everything else.

This is the first blog post, and it will be a fairly brief one. Skylar Chen and I (Danny Hynds) formed this group as an outlet for us to create video games, animated shorts, film pieces, and whatever sort of projects we concoct along the way. We will be making the public debut of our first title, O for Oppression, in a couple of weeks. In addition, we have several small games in development, three stop motion shorts, and a series of sound works. Should be a busy several months. Pardon the website, as it's still being tweaked quite a bit.